Youth & Young Adult Workshops

Offered to youth and young adults on the Autism spectrum, students are encouraged to attend with a caregiver or parent.  Many of our workshops involve the whole family!  Workshops explore improvisational games for both verbal and non-verbal participants.

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Our educator and caregiver workshops use improvisational techniques to improve listening skills and allow you to be "in the moment" with your students, clients and patients.

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private workshops

If you would like to book a private workshop for your school or organization, please contact us for availability and pricing.

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Since 1993

The Conducted Stories Story

Amy Carpenter and Stacey Hanlon are Phoenix-based improvisers with a desire to use improv for good.  Together, they created a program in improvisation specifically geared towards those on the Autism spectrum.  As with traditional improvisation study, the focus is on saying "Yes, and" to a shared reality, supporting each others' ideas and fostering creativity.  In addition, this program works to improve response to social-emotional cues and bring focus to everyday interaction.  Most of all, Conducted Stories aims to bring a sense of joy and resilience to all who participate.

Through the generosity of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Conducted Stories was able to host a series of public workshops in 2017.  Through these workshops, Conducted Stories was able to cultivate curriculum based on participant and parent feedback.

Workshops are offered periodically throughout the year and information on upcoming events may be found here.

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