In this exercise, the goal is to pass a sound from one player to another. Player One initiates a sound while throwing an invisible ball. Player Two catches the ball with the same sound, honoring the choice that Player One made. Player Two then gets to choose a completely new sound while throwing the Sound Ball back to Player One (or to another player if there are more than two of of you in the room). Eye contact is crucial to make sure the Sound Ball travels safely from player to player


What does this teach?

This exercise promotes eye contact, making choices and listening before making a contribution. Players must first mimic the sound being thrown to them before they can make a choice of their own. The beauty of this exercise is that there is NO WRONG ANSWER! If you make a sound like a cat, great! If you make no sound at all, that's okay, too! We encourage making choices and celebrating each individual contribution.


What if this is too much?

You can dial down this exercise by passing the same sound around the room and just practice taking turns "throwing" and "catching" the sound. You can also "hand" the sound to someone (like we do in the beginning of the video) if throwing and catching is at all intimidating.