THIS IS A ....

In this exercise, we use an everyday object and use it for something different than it was originally intended.  By looking at the size and shape of the object, the way it feels in our hands, we think about what it reminds us of and then show each other how we are using it.  This exercise is most successful when you commit to your choice!  Try making a sound or saying a phrase that might accompany your item to further illustrate its new use.


What does this teach?

This exercise promotes making choices and looking at an object beyond its face value. Taking something out of context can allow us to start to think from another perspective and spark our creativity, as well as encourage abstract thinking.  As with all improv exercises, all choices are celebrated.  Just by making a choice, you have made the right one!

What if this is too much?

Sometimes making a different choice is hard.  If someone tries this exercise and wants to mimic a contribution that was already made or use this object for its intended purpose, that is okay!  Perhaps start a dialogue using the object as a prop or ask some questions about how the object is being used.  When we start to limber up our imaginations, we all move at a different pace.